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Meet Our Owner and Founder Bethany Fraser

Bethany Fraser is the founder of Twenty 1 Media Group, a certified minority- and woman-owned marketing agency. With over two decades of experience, she specializes in providing marketing and business development support to small and medium-sized organizations in growth mode.

In addition to her work, Bethany is a passionate advocate for trust, truth, and transparency in the adoption community and a fierce fighter for communication, connection, and justice for families impacted by incarceration. She is a contributing author to numerous publications and has written on topics such as Ancestry & Adoption, The Search for Identity & Belonging, and Finding Family & Forgiveness.

Bethany's personal journey of adoption and her search for belonging and identity inform her unique approach to teamwork and inclusive leadership. She resides in Maryland with her family.

Bethany Fraser Owner and Founder
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Passionate Advocate

Passionate Advocate

Bethany is an outspoken advocate for criminal justice reform who consults organizations focusing on children with incarcerated parents. One of her key advocacy accomplishments resulted in a change of policy on the billion-dollar business of the predatory private prison phone industry.

Sought-After Speaker

Sought-After Speaker

Bethany speaks to corporate resource groups and young professionals about “Achieving Confidence Before Competence” and “In Search of Belonging and Identity”, reflecting her personal journey of finding out the truth behind her adoption and the topic of Ancestry.

Integrated Marketing Approach

Integrated Marketing Approach

Here at Twenty 1 Media Group, we adopt an integrated marketing approach to improve revenue while nurturing healthy client relationships and retention. We focus on building sustainable and scalable brands and offer help outside of traditional marketing services to help our clients thrive in the market. Our marketing approach includes:

  • Bespoke events
  • Business development
  • Executive positioning
  • Media pitching
  • Narrative development
  • Strategic partnerships